The St. Helena Fisheries Corporation (SHFC) receives, prepares and processes a range of fresh and frozen products for local and international markets. Products include whole fish, filets, loins, mince and pet food from a variety of species including yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna, skipjack tuna, wahoo, grouper, moray eel, and mackerel. Tuna for the export market are available in an array of fresh and frozen product forms.



Traceability is key to the St. Helena Fisheries Corporation (SHFC), which is why we work hard to ensure that each fish can be traced back to the vessel. Every box offloaded from an individual vessel is assigned an individual lot number that remains with the fish at all stages of production, processing and distribution. Once the fish has been cleaned, sorted, graded and placed in storage for the next stage of processing, a label depicting the lot number, date and vessel number is created and attached to the storage bin. The lot number allows SHFC to identify the which vessel supplied the fish, the date and time it arrived at the factory, and the temperature upon arrival, all of which can be made available to the competent authorities or our customers on demand.


Food Safety

The St. Helena Fisheries Corporation (SHFC) is a locally-licensed fish processing establishment and the Coldstore is an EU-registered fish processing plant.

SHFC’s Coldstore is legally approved to prepare, process, chill, package and store fish for commercial trade locally and to export.  SHFC implements a system of own checks based on the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System (HACCP) and other industry standard quality assurance checks to guarantee that the relevant quality, hygiene and public health requirements are met from the moment fish is the purchased to prevent any contamination of the product during processing.  A competent authority inspects SHFC’s official controls throughout the production chain and guarantees its credibility to public health. For export, a certificate is produced to accompany fishery products that are destined for the EU.