The Sustainable Jungle Podcast highlighting St Helena

Online platform Sustainable Jungle showcases all things sustainable and ethical, from travel and lifestyle to beauty and fashion. Their Sustainable Jungle Podcast is a mission driven show, focusing on solutions for the world’s sustainability and conservation challenges.

Hosts, Lyall & Joy, talk with some of the most interesting and inspiring people working to future proof our planet and for Podcast #40, they spoke with Julie Thomas and former IPNLF Director of Policy & Outreach Adam Baske.

Sustainable Jungle Podcast #40


“It’s really about supporting this ecosystem of small scale, socially beneficial, environmentally sustainable tuna fisheries and building both the supply and the demand for those products.”

— Adam Baske




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This was a multi-country recording with Adam and Julie dialling in from the US and St Helena respectively. While the recording is by no means perfect, Sustainable Jungle were pretty impressed that technology held out and enjoyed learning about one-by-one fisheries and covered the following:

  • The importance of fisherman to saving our oceans (~04:00)
  • Julie’s background, growing up on St Helena, her travels and the importance of the ocean to her (~05:15)
  • The different types of fishing methods used around the world and why industrial scale operations are environmentally destructive (~9:30)
  • Thoughts on the illegal fishing industry (~15:20)
  • Impact achieved by the IPNLF over the last 7 years since it’s foundation (~19:40)
  • Thoughts on sustainable food movements (like veganism), why considering what is best for the environment is nuanced and needs careful consideration of broader impact (~25:30)
  • Thoughts on how diet choices can support positive environment and social outcomes (~29:10)
  • More on St Helena including a brief history and how things are changing with the addition of an airport (~30:30)
  • The importance of fishing and the one by one philosophy to St Helena (~33:20)
  • St Helena’s marine protected area (~37:30)
  • The role of trace-ability and how technology is changing ways in which we can engage more with the supply chains that produce our food (~42:45)
  • What St Helena is doing already re trace-ability and their vision for the future (~45:50)

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